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Amol Karmalkar

Amol Karmalkar is a digital marketing professional with an experience of more than two decades. He is an expert who provides concept based, end-to-end digital marketing solutions to a varied clientele. He has keen knowledge of changing digital marketing trends, a knack to conduct in-depth market research for clients, based on which he devises the best marketing strategies. Technical know-how like content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, programming, designing and software development add to his skillset. Creating and successfully executing B2B and B2C marketing strategies remain his forte.

To date, he has served over 500 different clients with varied digital marketing needs. His experience in this field has equipped him to offer cost effective and smart marketing solutions, systematic project management services, innovative marketing ideas and a result-based, transparent work ethic.

Amol is also a dedicated digital marketing consultant. He conducts workshops and seminars and also offers long and short term digital marketing contracts to businesses and different organizations. According to Amol, digital marketing is the need of the hour for any business to flourish. Not only has this kind of marketing become increasing popular since past few years but has also lead small and medium level businesses to take big leaps in the business world. It is a tool which, if used properly, can create a big difference in the online presence of a business, individual or an organization. However, not many know about making the most of this platform for marketing. Being an expert consultant allows Amol to explain the many advantages of digital marketing to those who do not know much about it. His consultations include understanding the needs of the client and then planning a start-to-finish digital marketing campaign while his workshops and seminars help trainees understand the essentials and working of digital marketing.